Re: Meeting minutes?

Another thing I don't understand about this request.  Previous meetings were already posted.  The page listing sorts alphanumerically so I had to correct some of the early 2019 page titles to add a zero to the month so the minute list was is proper calendar sorted order.  But the were and are still there.

Secondly, Mark - our Secretary - posted to this list before the list saying he wasn't able to make the meeting.  You were aware I wasn't going to be there either.  You were in attendance.  Why didn't you take minutes?


On 2020-01-12 14:31, Kyle Owen wrote:

Can someone please post minutes from yesterday's meeting, and if possible, from any previous meetings as well?

On Sun, Oct 20, 2019, 23:14 alan@... <alan@...> wrote:

Sorry I keep forgetting.  If I can get a reminder during the meeting, I'll open up Wordpress and type minutes directly to the site as the official business part of the meeting happens.

Mark has been gone for several meetings dealing with family matters.


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