Re: Meeting minutes?

I really need to proof read my emails before pressing send.... corrected

On 2020-01-12 15:12, alan@... wrote:

Another thing I don't understand about this request.  Previous meetings were already posted.  The page listing sorts alphanumerically so I had to correct some of the early 2019 page titles to add a zero to the month so the minute list was in proper calendar sorted order.  But they were and are still there.

Secondly, Mark - our Secretary - posted to this list before the meeting saying he wasn't able to make the meeting.  You were aware I wasn't going to be there either.  You were in attendance.  Why didn't you take minutes?


On 2020-01-12 14:31, Kyle Owen wrote:

Can someone please post minutes from yesterday's meeting, and if possible, from any previous meetings as well?

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