We Need a Presenter for AHCS Meeting on March 14, 2020

Mark Little

The next meeting of The Atlanta Historical Computing Society will be held on Saturday, March 14, 2020. We will meet at the usual time (1pm-5pm) and meeting place (Christ the Lord Lutheran Church in Lawrenceville, GA). All current and prospective Atlanta Historical Computing Society members are encouraged to attend.

The main topic of this month's meeting will be to finalize the venue for this year's Vintage Computer Festival SouthEast 8.0.

In addition, it is important that our club get back into having formalized presentations by its members during each monthly meeting. The presentation can be about any topic that is vintage computer-related; perhaps a history of one particular brand or type of computer (macro, mini, or micro); or perhaps a review of a certain type of vintage software (early productivity software, your favorite version of BASIC, etc.); or maybe even an in-depth look at a groundbreaking chip (6502, Z80, 68000, etc.). It can be about just about anything, as long as it relates to the club's focus, historical computing. Obviously, visual aids such as examples of the item(s) being discussed, as well as any supplemental documents, would enhance the presentation and make it more engaging. Audio/visual equipment may also be available for those wanting to provide a projected Powerpoint presentation; just ask any club officer. The length of the presentation should run between 10 and 20 minutes. If you have a topic that would ideal for a presentation at one of the meetings, please reply to this posting and I can get it scheduled. Thanks!

See you March 14!


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