Re: Atari collection preservation

Earl Baugh

We can do a silent auction, just need some pieces of paper. We’ve done that during meetings before. 


On Mar 13, 2020, at 3:52 PM, Eric Dodd <eric.e.dodd@...> wrote:

Donate all of it to the club, then blind auction it. Use the proceeds for VCFSE.

Everyone gets what they're willing to pay for and they get to help out with the show. 
On Mar 13, 2020, 3:44 PM -0400, Unblakeable <msblake@...>, wrote:
Hi Everyone,

If my schedule allows, I plan to bring some Atari equipment to distribute to the next meeting, whenever that is.  it turns out I didn't need the cataloguing help, so thanks to all who offered.

The stuff I will be bringing includes, in various states of (dis)repair:

Atari 520 ST
Atari 1040 ST
Atare 130XE
Atari 800XLs (2-3)
Atari XEGS
Atari 400 (one maybe working, the other is not)
Atari 1020 color printers (in box, 2)
Atari 4-switch 2600s (untested, x2)
A bunch of disk drives (untested), SIO cables
Some joysticks
A ton of Atari 850 serial port expanders
A TON of floppy disks
A few Microsoft Windows disks
About a gazillion printer interfaces
Probably at least 1 CRT monitor (deciding which to part with)
one cute 9-inch monochrome monitor (that does work)
Possibly some cassette software - need to sort through it
A bunch of manuals, utilities and programming guides (mostly Atari)
An Atari 800 missing come keycaps
An Atari 5200 in rough shape - may work.
an Atari 2600 trackball (I don't know which model)
1-2 Atari number pads
1-2 drawing tablets

Probably other stuff but need to keep sorting.

I'm not taking "orders" at this time.  I don't want the administrative hassle.  I could use your input on how to handle distributing this stuff.  Do we draw lots to see who gets first pick?  I don't want this bounty to create hard feelings...  That's not what the owner's estate would want.


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