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Raj Wurttemberg

I bought the G815 about 6 months ago (pricy keyboard!) because my old G19 gave out. I loved the built-in LCD status display on the G19. :(  The 815 comes in three variants (all the same price), I went with the full-clicky version, it reminds me of my dad’s old IBM PS2 keyboard. I do use the lighting effects, but like you said it is disappointing that you have to use the Logitech G Hub software to configure everything. I do use Linux daily but my Ubuntu system is a VM on my Windows workstation so I am able to still take advantage of the macro keys while in Linux.


I would have to agree with you, this is probably the best keyboard I have ever used.   


Oh… to make up for the loss of the LCD status display… I have one of these in a small case on my desk. :)




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While on the topic of keyboards, I was curious what people though of the Logitech G815/915 keyboards?  They've been out for nearly a year now but I just recently picked up an 815.  It might be the best keyboard I've ever owned to use as a daily driver.  I've never considered myself a touch typist.  But I picked up the GL Tactile version of the 815 and it's a really nice keyboard to type on as well as game.  Low profile, fantastic weight, very low actuation force and travel, and great styling are all pros.  My quality opinion of Logitech has dropped a lot in recent years (along with everyone else).  But after about a month of use, I'm in lust...  Great start to redeeming their reputation.

If I had to list cons, I can really only come up with 2.  The LED stuff isn't really my thing.  Backlights are ok, but I never look at the keyboard itself while typing.  The lighting effects are functionally useless to me.   They only serve as a style accent imo.  Also it seems the macro-G keys are not independent in hardware.  It requires Logitech G-HUB running to set and use.  Disappointing as previous Logitech macro keyboards worked without driver support.  I could record and use G-macros in Linux without issue.

Just my $.02,


On 2020-03-21 13:16, Andrew Taylor wrote:

Haha, it was probably a deliberate design. That layout is called "ortholinear", and is kinda popular in the keyboarding community, however the designer may have chosen it to make the form factor as small as possible, while still including a full-travel mechanical keyboard.


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