Re: Logitech G815/915 (Re: more kit ideas)

James Mahoney

so those use the (pronounced kale? no idea) Kailh PG1350 series switches, also known as Kailh Chok switches ( there's a few alternative cap-sets available for them (at least on i know of off hand but they aren't too popular due to a lack of non-oem support. nice switches all around. similar ones are the kailh box switches (, but those use a standard MX mount, instead of the more proprietary chok mount. I'm sure the board is very nice, but I hope you didn't pay MSRP! gaming keyboards are typically overpriced (like how audiophool equipment is). <rant> Ive found that the software support for most gaming branded keyboards is utter rubbish, 500MB of spyware and terrible js-web-dev-turned-desktop-gui trash. its kind of sad really because there's absolutely no reason they cant just put the macro programmability INTO the keyboard, like an ortek MCK-142 from 20 something years ago! </rant>

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