XT-ide or parallel port card


Hi, I have been messing around with my Tandy 1000 RL (now that alan let me borrow a monitor and keyboard) and I discovered that the XTA hard drive was working well, until it didn't. The hard drive started to power off and back on in the middle of my lemmings game and now it only works when it feels like it. I knew that I needed to get an XT-IDE replacement hard drive if I wanted to use the computer but I figured i'd do it later. But now there is no later and I cant wait 2 months by then the hard drive will be toast so I need to buy or borrow from someone eitherĀ 
a) an XT-IDE for the ISA slot
b) a parallel port card to connect my iomega ZIP drive
c) a hard drive controller on an ISA card for another hard drive

Thanks very much,

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