Re: IRIX installation party

Eric Dodd

"Do not plug a PS/2 keyboard into the keyboard port! It's a trap!
I'm not exaggerating. If you connect a PS/2 keyboard to an Indigo, only one of them will survive."

You might want to pick one of these up: 

Do you know what CPU it has? 

You also don't need a keyboard to work on it. You should be able to connect to the serial console via mini din 8 connector. 


On Feb 6, 2019, 8:09 AM -0500, alan@..., wrote:

Hmm. I actually don't have a keyboard that works. I read the warnings about PS/2 keyboard and never connected one to the unit. I bought an SGI keyboard off eBay and it came in this week. I tried connecting it and it seems as if it's miss-wired. Doesn't work and the LEDs seem like they may be connected to data lines. Did SGI make PS/2 keyboards? Did I damage my Indigo 1?

Can anyone bring an extra keyboard to the meeting to test with?



On 2019-02-02 18:02, alan@... wrote:

Hmm.. Funny you should bring that up.  I have a Indigo (1) that needs IRIX.  Was going to do it soon.  Looking like next Saturday then!


-Alan H.

On 2019-02-02 12:58, Eric Dodd wrote:

If there's any interest (and anyone with SGI hardware), I can assist with installing IRIX  during the next meeting.
I have a netboot host and media for 6.5.30 and 6.5.22.
Depending on the system, the install can take some time. 


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