Selling Question

Nick Mizgala

Hey all, hope you’ve been doing well. I apologize to everyone in the group that I’ve been slow to respond to by email.

We expected this Arcade Pub buildout to painfull and difficult, its still good to know the Universe like to exceed one’s expectations on occasion.

Long story short, we got fucked by our Architect/General Contractor and this has made the margins on success razor thin.

I’ll be liquidating a lot of PC and Mac computer parts and want to know the policy on selling stuff in this group. For example, this iMac (photos attached) for $20. I can deliver to the meeting this weekend.

Whatever money these sales manage to bring in will help our situation.

And, if things go further south, I’ll have less stuff to deal with when we need to move.

Thank you.

Nick Mizgala
Graphic Design & Tech Support
IndigoDragon Studios

Arcade Game Rental & Service
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