Re: VCF SE 7.0

Eric Dodd

Thanks, Earl.

My thoughts inline:

  1. Met with Lonnie, Karen and Ann last week. 
    1. Asked about admission.  They feel that it's not that different of a cost of a night out at movies for family.
They are wrong.
    1. They weren't interested in changing it at all.
That's too bad for them.
    1. There belief is that this isn't going to significantly impact attendance.
They are wrong.
    1. They weren't all that happy that this topic was being brought up again.
It's cute when greedy jerks get upset when called out for being greedy jerks.
    1. They do have expenses.  We need to understand that and respect the fact that they're trying to make the museum a viable entity.  We don't have access to the actual costs, so guessing on anyone's part is really unfair to them.
That's their problem, not ours.
    1. They indicated that they have lost money every year of the show.
That's also their problem, not ours.
  1. Asked about renting museum (which would be what we'd have to get sponsors to donate or cover)
    1. They said 15K  (that's not a typo)
See that barrel? That's what they think they have us over.
    1. Asked about Renting just the room where we are, not significantly different.
Same barrel, different day.
  1. They have sent out  info to local publications (some of which have a month or two lead time) as well as some on-line outlets as well.  This information really can't be retracted at this point.  
Maybe they could decide to not be jerks? Otherwise, screw 'em.
  1. They did share the admission info with us in an e-mail at the end of January.  I take my share of the  responsibility for not sharing that at the February meeting (it was sent to multiple folks who were on the call, so we all dropped the ball).  I apologize for not sharing... honestly I didn't check the numbers and they had said during the call that they were not that much different than previous years.  In looking at them, I can say some are close, but others are not.
This isn't your fault since they lied on the call regarding the price. "Not much different" from $0 is not $20.
  1. They said that while the museum won't be officially open by our show date, any differences between where it will be and at the opening in July will be minor.  They said  and info on exhibits, etc. will all be in place.
They're cheats and liars. We've established this. Do we believe their claims about these supposed "minor" differences? If they're so minor, why won't they open the museum in April?

On our part:

  1. Speaker and others from out of state have already committed to travel plans, vacation, hotels.
That's a shame.  However, anyone who travels understands that sometimes things change. 30 days out should be within the cancellation window.
  1. At this point, I do not think canceling is a viable option.
    1. I believe it would reflect very poorly mostly on us.  Folks may not  agree with this, but in my opinion that's how it would get presented.
Depends on how one views "poorly". We could have the reputation for caving on demand, or the reputation for firing our venue when our venue lies, cheats, and gouges us.
    1. We're within a month of the show date, so this really would be insensitive to cancel at the last minute like this. Especially since some announcements can't be retracted.
Insensitive? What's insensitive is for a millionaire douchebag to gouge the single major group of enthusiasts in the area over a long-standing venue at the last minute. 
    1. We at the present date, do not have funds to cover renting a new location for this year.
    This could change.
      1. In past years, some member have dipped into their personal $$ to cover shortfalls and upfront costs, with the hope that they would get reimbursed.   This isn't an option for this year.
      2. If we were to cancel, there wouldn't be a show this year, period.
    And why not? If we targeted Fall, we could likely find another venue for far less money and be able to collect and pool funds to host the event.
      1. I am personally not happy with the situation any more than anyone else is.
        1. I don't believe the admission costs match the value of what the museum currently offers, esp. comparing it to other local attractions such as Zoo Atlanta and GA Aquarium.   But this isn't my or our clubs decision.  It's CoMAs  and we do need to respect it, even if we disagree.
      I don't think that we do need to respect it. 
        1. I believe that admission will be strongly impacted by the admission costs, but at this point the only way to take that from an "I believe" type of argument to a factual one is to do the experiment. 
      I, for one, am not interested in funding or otherwise contributing to CoMA any further, much less just for the sake of an experiment.

      I have spent the last year preparing for exhibiting 2-3 tables worth of vintage Macs and UNIX systems.

      At this point, it's not worth it to me to haul all this gear down to Roswell and babysit it for 3 days in an empty shopping mall.


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