Re: Mattis Lind CPLD PLA Replacement Success

Nice. Thanks for sharing.

The old parts from Signetics, like the PLS100, are getting hard to find. I did the same sort of project for a Signetics PLS105 (82S105) last year using a ATF1504 and the board looks nearly identical. If anyone needs chips soldered, Mill-Max headers, programming for ATF150x devices or the chips themselves, let me know.

I got to meet Mattis at VCF-MW last year. Nice guy. Just don't ask Flash to point to Sweden on a map!


On 2019-05-12 21:17, Pete Rittwage wrote:
Recently I found a lot of my old C64 stash had PLAs that died over
time. I was not able to get PLAnktons at the time, so I decided to go
ahead and try Mattis Lind's project and build some of my own.
It is a recompiled version of Skoe's VHDL translated to a modern CPLD,
in this case the Atmel ATF1502ASL which is a 5V CPLD (not just
The boards were cheap to get made (10 for $10, but you could probably
put several on one 5cmx5cm board and get 20 or 30 for that price. The
10 CPLD's were about $35 with shipping from Mouser, so each PLA cost
me about $5 + labor. The labor involved is why PLAnkton is a good
first choice!
The construction is not easy- it is SMT. I use a trick with my regular
iron where I use a lot of flux, put a lot of extra solder on each side
of chip and then suck it off with a solder sucker. This leaves behind
a surprisingly nice finish and you can just clean up all the flux.
I actually built all of them without error except one- I stupidly put
the CPLD on upside down. I was able to use my hot air gun and pull it
off and put it back on the right way and it works also!
Attached is a picture of the results! Enough C64 PLAs to last me
another 10-20 years. (Well, maybe- they break a lot)
Pete Rittwage

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