Re: Last call for JR-IDE boards

I have James, Brad, and Sam down for one.  It's basically this auction:

I've had some electronics resellers in the DFW area buy multiple boards (3-5 ea) last few times I've built a batch of 10.  It looks like people that have picked up surplus PCjr stuff from the Compter Reset liquidation.  Last 30-40 board have sold nearly the instant I listed them.  Not everyone who really want one has had a chance to buy one.

I just want to make sure end users with Jrs have a chance to buy a board as this batch is the last one I (at least) will build.  After 200 boards, nearly 100,000 solder holes, and a lot of flux fumes, I need a break.  I'm not doing kits.  These are complete and tested boards.  But you still need to provide your own storage and enclosure (from another side-car).

I'll hold on to those three.  Paypal is fine (minus shipping).  Most of them are already in USPS flat-rate boxes so I can drop it in the mail this week if you want it now.  I can also bring them to next meeting.


On 2019-08-14 11:32, Randall Kindig wrote:

Hi, Alan, please remind the details on this board.  thanks!

On Wed, Aug 14, 2019 at 3:25 AM alan@... <alan@...> wrote:


If you want a board from the last run of JR-IDE boards for the PCjr, please let me know today.  I will hold a board for you from the eBay listing.  As of late Wed afternoon/evening, I am placing all I have left on eBay and they've been selling out in minutes.   This is the last batch.

James... I've sent you several emails and haven't heard anything.  Please let me know if your friend already got one from eBay or still wants one.


-Alan H.


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