Re: Cleaning House - Vintage Components + AT&T Legend Phone System

I have an interest in older trunking equipment.  Not necessarily a phone system as even most smaller key systems are still too large to store.  But anything with T1 to FXS conversion - either stand-alone (TSUs or routing equipment) or PC card based works.  I keep a Adtran Atlas 890 that has most every card made for it to play with telephony things.  Any T1, ISDN, or FXS card for just about any computer expansion is also desired.  Sometimes they go cheap on eBay.  But the majority of fixed line telephony liquidators are high on crack charging crack-like prices.

I did give away a Norstar MICS a couple years back (to another AHCS member :) as it was a bit too big for what I was using it for - PRI to FXS conversion.  I picked up a few surplus 1U Zhone 10 channel banks to replace it around the same time.


On 2019-08-18 20:10, Pete Rittwage wrote:

Do you guys really want old phone systems?  We throw them out all the time... I had no idea anyone would want one.

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