Re: Assistance for VCF SE 8.0 -- IMPORTANT!!!


I am not very familiar with Atlanta, but I did find a site that lists all the available hotels with conference rooms. For 35 booths, it calculates a space of 6000 sq ft. You have to contact the hotels (click a button, fill out the form) to get rates. If you click on the line of the chart that you are possibly interested in, it opens a window giving the particulars for the hotel in general, the conference room, and local nearby places.

Hope this helps a little.




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During our last meeting, we shared that Jim Miller Park has no openings for a two day weekend at all in 2020.

This was an unexpected roadblock for us... and has us scrambling to find an alternate location. 


So, we need some assistance in finding a location to hold the show.   I apologize for not getting this out earlier

(life tends into interfere at times... was sick, had specialist in for my son Viktor, had friend in hospital, etc.  )

In any case,  if we want to have a show in 2020, we need assistance in finding potential places, making contacts, and initial vetting of whether or not a location might work. 

Currently Alan, myself and John are the only ones who have made calls.  But there is simply not enough time in the day for us to do this ourselves. 

We need people to step up and help if we're to have a show.


We had discussed a deadline of our next meeting, but with my late sending of this e-mail, I will say the end of November

we will need to have a location selected and dates locked in.    


Here's what we need.

  • We are looking for a location with 3K to 5K Sq ft of space.  We could go to 7K, but it would depend on cost. 
  • We would like to find a location on the north side of town, given our previous locations. 
  • We would prefer to be located either in or near a hotel.   I don't have a hard number on the number of rooms we might book.
  • We would like to be near some food/restaurants (or have something decent in the hotel)
  • We would prefer to have the location provide tables and chairs as part of the cost.  We would rather not have to arrange that separately.
  • We have a budget of $4K total (including tables and chairs)
  • We want to be able to get in on midday Friday, and out on early evening Sunday.
  • Date wise : Weekends of April 17 thru May 1.  Would prefer to not be April 24-26 since that's VCF East.  VCF PNW is March 21-22.  I'm thinking May 1st.  May 8th weekend in Mother's Day weekend.
  • I think we could go maybe to May 15th... would depend on what others think.

At this point I know John has spoken to one Marriott.  I have made some calls but don't have any concrete responses yet (I'm going to be on the phone with some later this week)


We can coordinate this via the mail list... I can create a subgroup if needed.... 

Please post if you can A) Help and B) Who you contact...


We will discuss this further during our meeting this Saturday.






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