Re: Assistance for VCF SE 8.0 -- IMPORTANT!!!


Not sure if this could work, but Mansour Convention Center on Roswell Road in Marietta has this:
Travis Duke Room A and B: 4212 square feet, $4265 for the weekend ($2100 for 8-hour access on Saturday, $340/hour for 5 hours on Sunday, plus $125 for non-standard setup). Room A (1404 square feet) can be separated for speaker and/or consignment/concession, leaving Room B (2808 square feet) for main exhibit area. There are built-in A/V facilities, 2'x5' and 2'6' tables available (may be too narrow for our purposes). There's a 20% discount for 501c3 non-profits. Friday midday availability would of course push us past $4k budget. Wyndham Garden Hotel and Radisson Hotel are within a couple of miles at I-75. I have not checked for availability for next Spring; wanted to see if this type of space is even viable for us.


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