Re: Stuff for Saturday

Raj Wurttemberg

Hey Jon,


Could you post a picture of that Dell XT/AT?  






From: <> On Behalf Of Jon Guidry
Sent: Friday, November 8, 2019 12:03 PM
Subject: [ahcs] Stuff for Saturday


Bringing in a couple Lo-Tech ISA ROM boards that I made.  I assembled them - but don't need them.  They include the flash chip for whatever you decide to put on them.  Asking $20/ea.  (They're going for $40 on eBay).

Also, got a nice vintage Dell XT/AT (Earl I think said it was a Northgate keyboard).  Asking $5 which is what I paid for it at an estate sale.

Other odds and ends including an AT&T 1984 Merlin KSU that I can't get working. 

Some ATAs for VoIP (I bought them, but am going to just give them away).

See ya tomorrow.

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