We Have a Presenter for AHCS Meeting on March 14, 2020


Hi, All:

Mauricio Vives has graciously stepped up to be a presenter at the meeting this weekend. His topic will be entitled "Operating Vintage Arcade Circuit Boards," and he will draw from his experience collecting these boards., many of which will be present at the meeting. Please stick around after the business of the meeting has concluded to enjoy Mauricio's presentation.

Now who would like to be a presenter at our April 18 meeting? Please let me know so that I can get it on the schedule.

Earl: Mauricio requested the use of power, a projector, and a table to spread out part of his collection. Since I'll be out of town this weekend and won't be able to make the meeting, could you hook him up with that, please? I have no idea who has/keeps the projector. Thanks so much and I hope to see everyone in April.