Free to a good home. Dell Vostro 400 and Dimension 8100


These desktops have been nothing but parts machines to me so you have been warned.

Vostro 400: This computer has had it's graphics card removed, Processor replaced with a slower one, and power supply replaced with one that doesn't have extra gpu power connector. It didnt come with a hard drive so i put in a random sata 500 gb hard drive with a corrupted windows 10 install (failed during installation so no personal data). The dvd drive is original since i already have plenty of those laying around. Case is in ok condition, it a little dirty and theres some residue from stickers and stuff. Motherboard is a socket 775 with a pentium dual core (core 2 duo with less cache and lower clock frequency).

Dimension 8100: This computer is more original than the first one. The fan on the gpu was spinning good so i stole it and put it on a geforce 2 ti. I jammed a random small fan in the heatsink on the geforce 2 pro in the dell so it may or may not have a good cooler. Ive repasted the cpu since it was a early pentium 4 and i wanted to take no chances. I stole the sound card from the computer but to make up for it i put in a 20 gig IDE hard drive and took the time and patience to install windows 2000 on it along with only the graphics driver. Again, no personal data so it should be safe. The onboard IDE controller was acting a bit funny but it seems to be ok now. Motherboard and power supply are proprietary (dang you dell!). Case is in overall good condition.