How do I donate to AHCS?

Jim Knight

Several years ago at the Dalton Hamfest, I met the president of your group.  He noticed that I was using Hollerith cards to label the equipment I had for sale.  He told me that the AHCS sometimes pays for the shipping of items that are donated to the club.  He gave me a business card but I can't find it now.  I have retired after 41 years as a software engineer and I have some items I would like to donate if the shipping can be paid for.  Among them are a Hazeltine terminal, 3 TI-99-4A computers, software cartridges for the TI-99, some 1960s and 1970s era computer manuals, a box of 9 inch floppy disks, and the guts of a paper tape punch.  If someone from the club could contact me via email and let me know if the club is interested I would appreciate it.

Earl Baugh

I can help with that. I’m the current president ( you probably spoke to one of the previous office holders )

Contact me directly and we can get things sorted ( and I cab get it shared with the group )

Earl Baugh ( earl@...) or text to 404-915-8029