IBM 029 keypunch

James Mahoney

I think Ive done something either really dumb or really cool: Ive gotten myself an IBM o29 keypunch keyboard, that I'm going to try and restore and use. anyone have the schematics for the thing? shouldn't be too hard to reverse engineer, seems like its mostly bare matrix, but  I'm sure a proper manual would help tremendously

James Mahoney

Alrighty guys! I've vound the schematics manuals and whatnot after remembering that curiousMarc and ken Shirriff have also repaired one of these.

the bad news? well its got 1-key-rollover, just like the Selectric when you press a key until the key is processed you cant press another (the 1 referring to the number of simultaneous key presses).
this does mean that conversion is trivial though, and no diodes are needed, the fun part is gonna be cleaning all those contacts, and getting things to work at not line voltage, if its even possible.
I'll definitely bring this beast to the next meeting! OH! the keyboard also comes with a spiffy plastic tray to protect the bottom so i can definitely make it a standalone device, as hilarious as that is :D