ISO: Mid/late 90s PC parts odds and ends

Andrew Taylor

I know it's kinda random, but I've been working on a lot of mid-late 90s PCs lately and I'm short a surprisingly large amount of smaller parts. If anyone has some spares they'll be willing to bring to this weekend's meeting, I'd really appreciate it.

Parts I'm looking for:

Socket 5/7 heatsink clip (or just a heatsink assembly entirely, as long as it's passive/no fan)

PC66 RAM (preferrably 2x 32MB or a single 64MB stick)

CD-ROM to sound card cable (the little 4-pin one with the black connector on both ends. I have an abundance of the CD-ROM to mobo ones, but not CD-ROM to sound card)

two 1.44 floppy disk drives...yeah this one's a stretch but mine have a habit of completely crapping out



Josh Litherland

I've got you covered for the CD-ROM audio cables.  How many you need?  I have 4 or 5, it looks like.

Josh Litherland (josh@...)

Andrew Taylor

Off the top of my head, I only need 2. Also just noticed the formatting crapped the bed on my first post, oops.

Casey N.

Let me look at what I have, I may have ya covered on the ram, possibly heatsinks :)