Yet Another VCFSE T-Shirt Design Update

Nolan Gilmore

Hi All,
I was doing some brainstorming on the front of the shirt for VCFSE and came up with another idea for the front. This one focuses on the chipsets from the Amiga 1000 and Atari 520ST, and is much cleaner and less confusing than the previous design. I've been trying to stay away from doing just another elevation of a computer, as that's more or less what we've done for all passed shows. I also think that this will pair nicely with the BYTE magazine-esque rear timeline I created.

My main concern with the this design is accuracy. The Atari ST chipset is a little harder to research than the Amiga one, and I am not entirely certain I have the right chip profiles for all the chips shown, if someone more knowledgeable of the 520ST chipset specifically could correct me, I would appreciate that. I also purposely did not include all the large chips on the Atari, as there are a lot more than on the Amiga and I felt it would clutter the design. I just included the custom ones (and the sound chip).

Finally, the colors for the shirt are still not decided, the coloration in the image below is just what I did while drawing the design.